Global Climate Disruption and Hurricanes

We have to concede one thing about the climate crowd: They’re flexible, adaptable. They have to be.

Back in the ’70′s, when the planet was in a normal, cyclical cool spell, they ranted about the Earth turning into one huge ice cube. As another normal, cyclical event, global heating, kicked in, without even a pause or admission that they were wrong about the ice cube, they adopted the global warming mantra. When that grew problematic, again without skipping a beat, they moved on to “climate change.” And, most recently, the White House, perhaps feeling that “climate change” wasn’t nearly dramatic or scarifying enough, chose “Global Climate Disruption” to replace it.

White House science advisor, John Holdren, was pushing the new nomenclature last week. That’s the same John Holdren who has advocated for a redistribution of America’s wealth so that underdeveloped and deprived Third World nations can become more developed and less deprived by virtue of Americans becoming less developed and consuming less and thereby become more deprived.

Got that?

He’s also the same John Holdren, Obama’s science czar and global warming enthusiast who is the unofficial Josef Mengele of the administration for his belief that babies aren’t really full-fledged human beings for their first few years of life until they are adequately “socialized” and fed well.

As I said, they’re flexible. But I digress.

Climate moonbats are also flexible with hurricanes, as well, since, we’re told by climate “experts,” like Al Gore, that the frequency and severity of hurricanes are directly related to the climate change/disruption we earthlings have been experiencing for the last half-century or so.

Gore and his “Inconvenient Truth” have been dismissed as a joke by all but the dumbest warmists. In fact, “A top hurricane forecaster [William Gray, who thinks relating hurricanes to global warming is farcical] called Al Gore ‘a gross alarmist’ for making an Oscar-winning documentary about global warming. ‘He’s one of these guys that preaches the end of the world type of things. I think he’s doing a great disservice and he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.’ “

Of course, Gore and his fellow warmists don’t and can’t explain the Long Island Express, the massive hurricane which tore through and literally tore apart Long Island back in 1938 and then devastated much of New England before it ended up in Canada. They don’t and can’t explain the hundreds if not thousands of weird weather events that pre-dated the naming of hurricanes and actually occurred in prehistoric times, some hundreds of centuries before man started disrupting the atmosphere with belching factories and power plants.

Again, flexible/adaptable are the middle names of many climatologists today.

They weren’t even fazed when the whole climate change menace was exposed as a fiasco and a fraud in 2009 with Climategate, the revelations that climatologists at East Anglia University in England had been lying about global warming for years and fudging data to fit their preconceived and misbegotten theories.

Nor do their woefully, and regularly incorrect, ultra-scientific prognostications about Mother Nature’s wildest furies, hurricanes, faze the experts. They attribute their mistakes to miscalculations then sit back and hope and pray for The BIG One, to which they will point and say, “See! We told you so!”

Let’s let Reuters deign to explain this year’s failure, one more time, of climate expert’s predictions: “The 2010 Atlantic hurricane season has been very active in the number of storms but is likely to go down as a non-event for most people in the United States, which has so far dodged a major landfall.”

Reuters continued, “Before the June 1-Nov. 30 season got under way, residents of hurricane danger zones were warned by many forecasters they faced a very high probability of a major hurricane making landfall along the U.S. coastline. That has not happened and with the most active part of the season winding down in the next two weeks or so, the chances of a major impact on the U.S. mainland or on energy interests in the Gulf of Mexico are ebbing.”

Here comes the defensive but explanatory, “however:” “2010 was still likely to go down in the record books as another in a string of exceptionally busy seasons, however. The United States had just been very lucky in not getting hit by a major hurricane.” Landfalls are just too tough to predict.

Got that, too? We dodged Mother Nature’s bullet! Just as we have since Katrina in 2005. Hurricanes Dennis, Rita and Wilma in 2005 and Ike in 2008 were nasty storms but, sadly for the warmists, didn’t come close to being The Big One.

With all that alleged climate disruption going on, that Biggie is bound to hit but when it does, climate cooling, warming, changing, disrupting will have nothing to do with it. They’re normal, cyclical events that have been going on for eons.

Don’t tell that to Gore and his buddies, though. They’re making oodles of money with their charade and don’t give a tinker’s dam about truth and reality.