Is Your Brand Set Up For Online Global Expansion?

Expand your Brand, define your values and create a magnetic logo in the global marketplace!

Is your brand configured for global expansion or are you caught up thinking too small?

Firstly, lets look at few global brands that have captured the attention and the cash flow of devoted customers with the massive expansion of the internet. Possibly the most successful brand I can currently think of is Apple. The Apple mac logo is synonymous with intelligent and intuitive compatibility, very popular with designers, musicians and the creative minds of the world. Every time Apple brings out a new gadget the media and cult following is amazing to witness. There is always a genuine buzz around their latest software and hardware. Only last week I had lunch with 7 friends and every person had an iPhone, it was actually quite weird.

Another great example of a new company creating a loyal following is the Innocent smoothie company, although their logo is not very memorable the values behind the company shine through with every product. As the customer you are guaranteed that the quality and care taken to create the smoothie products are some of the best.

So the best question to ask yourself is what are the foundation values you have for your company, and are those values integrated into your logo? Through the process of re-assessing your values you will find a clearer vision for your logo and how you would like to represent your company in the global marketplace.

To summarize, many small business owners believe that their logo is their brand. However this is not the case. Sure the final logo is an important representation of your business, but the values, intention and personality behind the logo is what customers are essentially seeking out. Take the time to define the main key values of your business then build a logo that is globally identifiable.