New Age Socialization & Weird Behaviors

Socialization is one of the basic human needs which makes us adaptable and part of the society. We can’t deny the importance of socialization as human beings. The cultures, civilization, and nations all flourish and grow with the social influence of people.

Socialization also nurtures our personality and constructs certain behaviors which reflect the true identity of our background and culture. However, in a couple of decades, we have witnessed the considerable change in the common behavior patterns of people worldwide.

I would call that change “Global resocialization” which brought certain good & bad behaviors. These are very common and enormously materialized during this resocialization process. The advancement in technology, communication, and cyber social networking plays the pivotal role in resocialization of the global community.

One of the conundrums which come out in this resocialization process and indeed under discussion in all rationale circles is “Social Anxiety Disorders”. The people become more distressed, mean and selfish as all are revolving in a vicious cycle of fulfilling their material needs. We, as people don’t have time for ourselves and for others. No one is ready to extend love to fellow beings unless they are not beneficial to achieve their specific motive. We all are skillful in shallow socialization and communication but when there is real need to extend our support to others, we start calculating our benefit first.

This state of mind brought such meanness in us that we are very much interested in peeping in the lives of others through social networks. We also like to show off to others in order to get the pleasing feedback. We are very much comfortable in having huge social networking circles but in reality, we don’t have time for ourselves to socialize with others and thus suffering from Social Anxiety Disorders. And shallow socialization is one of the causes of this disorder.

Thankfully even in this materialistic epoch, we still have people who are energetic and think beyond the shallow socializing. They have such ardent & affectionate behavior that they can’t stay peaceful without socializing with fellow humans in real terms. We all have such people around us who can be the catalyst in the society, but usually; they don’t get the desired importance. We should respect and encourage them and try to be associated with them in order to make our society alive. These people are helpful to others without expecting anything in return.

I named them ‘unicorns’ because of their exquisite attribute that still subsists even in this present era. We must have to find unicorns around us or reincarnate the social unicorns inside us to bring out the fellow beings from Social Anxiety Disorders.