Bumper Sticker Maniac – It’s Fun to Get Weird, Part Two

When I told you I couldn’t stop writing bumper stickers, I wasn’t kidding. Here are a few more for you to ponder and appreciate. I hope you’ll even write a few of your own. They are so much fun and great for your brain. “Bumper-Stickering” is also an excellent party activity. Once again, enjoy:

* The sky isn’t falling. It’s just hangin’ real low.

* 74% of 1/3 of the nation use statistics 27% of the time.

* If I ever see a mushroom cloud, the diet’s over.

* Gone wishin’.

* Caution: vehicle loaded with snakes.

* I miss Bush.

* Help cool the Globe: stop pontificating.

* Get into binge thinking.

* I gave The Queen a bear hug.

* I sneak onto golf courses with a push mower.

* Sorry about running into you. Sue my cell phone.

* I only grow marijuana to make rope.

* Just remember: I ALWAYS have the right of way.

* I rescued a dog and it rescued me.

* Who needs a job when you’ve got 12 games to watch in HD?

* I meditate with my dogs.

* I try only to drive in reverse.

* Chivalry isn’t dead. It’s just dormant.

* Color me homeless.

* Defeat Global Warming: fight for your right to consume.

* They sure don’t make ’em like they used to: China does.

* Sit on a swizzle stick and spin, Elroy.

* No, I do not have the munchies. I always eat 14 donuts at a time.

* Anyone need a black eye?

* My Little Leaguer broke your windshield.

* Mediocrity is the study of meteors, right?

* I traded our 5 cars for 5 bitchen mountain bikes.

* Honk if you’re broke.

* Hope springs nocturnal.


* I find my best sleep comes at work.

* I bit off more than I can eschew.

* It’s a slippery slope of a world we live in. May I suggest cleats?

* The more crap you own, the better a person you are.

* You know, money isn’t everything. It’s not God. Or, is it? Maybe it is!

* Visualize Earth as it was in the good ol’ days: without humans.

* I mean, like, how many species do we really need anyway?

* I’ve had it up to here with the environment. Can we please change the subject?

* Leave only footprints. Just not on my forehead.

* I no longer eat meat, just mutton.

* I got a steal on this humongous SUV and free gas for week!

* Yeah, there’s a pill for that.

* Follow me down the Yellow Brick road to the Neocon Graveyard.

* I look like hell and can’t sing. Do I have a chance at stardom?

* I do not get high. I mainly get low.

* I drink beer solely for the cans.

* Don’t tell anybody, but I just flung my credit cards into The Grand Canyon.

* Good luck with that, Eunice.

* Now accepting monetary donations.

* Life’s a scam.

* Playing tennis with a golf ball: bad idea.

* If God wanted me to sleep, I would’ve been born asleep.

* Multitaskers make lousy lovers.

* Have you skidded to a stop lately?

* My bank account is on the Endangered Species List.

* Got any spare gold bullion?

* Snorklers have reef madness.

* I’ve got flatulence and I’m not afraid to use it.

* New reality show idea: “Binging With The Stars”

* To hell, with ‘punctuation”;

Global Warming is Caused by Both Man and Nature

It will take all of us to make a significant impact in the world against global warming. The earth is in trouble because of the pollution that we may have caused. It would seem that we are apathetic to the earth’s plea for help. Every natural disaster that is happening to the world, to us, is caused by us. We may have caused it directly or indirectly.

One of the more significant effects of the damage that we have caused this planet is global warming. We may have been feeling how it is a little warmer, how the seasons are all in disarray. It is cold when it should have been hot and it is hot when it should have been cold. Typhoons are also stronger than ever before, aside from the fact that it is more frequent. And haven’t you noticed how a little rain could cause floods? Don’t you find that weird? Well, these are all the effects of global warming and we should be alarmed by it.

That is why natural and environmental causes such as the earth day should be supported because aside from minimizing the use of electricity which is by the way one of the causes of global warming. It brings about social awareness to inform those who are oblivious to what is happening to the world and it re-educates those who are aware. Information is the key and it may be the cure if we do it together. Great things are going to happen. Just the recent earth day brought about great changes that will be felt by the people for generations to come. Can you just imagine the positive effects that this will bring to mankind? Earth will benefit if it continues yearly. Who knows maybe one day global warming will no longer be a problem.

Will Global Warming Increase the Chances of a Killer Flu Pandemic?

There have been many research papers that claim that Global Warming (caused by man’s CO2 emissions) will increase the risk and frequency of killer flu pandemics, but is this really true? Now, before I start this discussion you must know that it is my contention that the Earth, like all planets goes through a range of cycles, and that’s just the way things go, so I do not buy into the global warming doom and gloom scenarios.

Not long ago, I read another one of these papers suggesting that Global Warming will cause pandemics, this one written by a Chinese Researcher; Guang Wu titled; “What These Trends Suggest?”

In this paper the correlation is made, but I wonder what he would you say about the reason that the weird strain of Swine-Human-Bird Flu ended up in Mexico? It caused it’s havoc during the summer heat, so does he believe that the heat caused proteins to modify and thus, allowed the virus to mutate?

And if so, if this is his contention, would he also believe that people living in the Middle East under extreme heat would see more modification of flu strains? Thus, he should also believe that a place like Dubai is a future death trap, as it is close to water, humid and very hot, and could even be the next location of an outbreak or unseen strain?

Perhaps, we should study the issues associated with ambient temperatures and killer flu pandemics and see if this hypothesized correlation has more to it, not because of the doom and gloom of man-made warming but because there are many questions still unanswered, so please consider all this.