Leaves Are a Hidden Danger With Wild, Weird, Weather

The winter looks like it’s started a little early in parts of the world, doesn’t it? The entire East Coast of the United States, which was lashed by tropical weather less than half-a-year ago – tropical weather can continue into winter, believe it or not – is now being lashed by winter weather, very, very early.

It seems like the global warming pessimists may be having their field day, but who knows why it is happening? Even the meteorological community is split on the WHY of it – El Nino, La Nina, Aunt Matilda’s maiden cat – no one knows.

What we do know is this: with the earlier winter weather comes the need to drive more sanely than ever before. Why would this be true? To answer the question, you only need to look at the foliage still on the trees, the amount of wet weather than has soaked the area above 30-degrees north and the still soggy earth.

Trees that have normally stood for hundreds – yes hundreds – of years are rotting out. Just the other day, the arborists came along and took down a massive Aspen pine outside the house that was nearly 100-feet tall. Some thought the wood company was going to make a killing on the board into which the logs could be cut as the trunk was straight and knot-free, but after the crane and arborist crew took the tree down, they found the very heartwood of the tree rotting out. You can’t even use that would for much more than mulch. The tree, by the way, was somewhere over 160 years old – that’s where the rings stopped in the rotten heartwood and couldn’t be counted further — so Nature is exacting her toll on us for abusing the environment.

So, what on earth, you may be asking does all this side matter have to do with road safety? It’s simply this with the soil soggy to the point of saturation, huge trees just snapping from the weight of the foliage that is still on them and, when you add two feet of snow, or even six inches, you have potential road hazards until the trees are cut back.

If they’re not cut back then they’ll fall and we’ll have more instances where trees fall on cars, hopefully, parked — so no one is hurt. Of equal note, though, is that those leaves have to fall somewhere and they are rapidly heading earthward onto roadways, piling up at intersections and corners and leaving huge piles all over the place.
This places a driver at double risk:

1. You sometimes have leaf piles so hard you have to edge into traffic to see if anyone is oncoming on some narrow roads
2. The leaves, themselves, are as hazardous as if you are driving on snow.

The hazard that piled up frozen or near frozen leaves is this: even if they ground rewarms, there are so many layers of leaves down now that the bottommost are likely to remain frozen or, at least, in a state of almost permafrost. So, the average driver is facing a double whammy:

1. Slippery leaves at a corner or on curves
2. Frozen leaves you can’t even see

Each part of this particular problem is quite serious.

In the first scenario, picture a pile of leaves – some of which may have dried and which look perfectly normal and you think stopping should be easy. Wait, stop, halt, and don’t think that!!

Those leaves represent a hidden danger as the top leaves may be fine and they are the leaves your car tire tread will try to, and usually succeed, in grabbing. But, lying just below those nice dry-looking leaves are layer upon layer of wet leaves, and, quite possibly, on the bottom a layer of semi-frozen leaves – even on a 50-degree day – these are the leaves to watch out for (and you can’t see them, you have to assume they are there, unless you rake the area and turn them over). How can we say this with certainty? It’s a certainty born of years of driving above 30-north.

The leaves that are lying on the road surface act as their own lubricants. In other words, your tires may grab the top layers very nicely. The only problem is that the bottom layers are wet and slide over one another just the way snow slides and, if the very bottom is semi-frozen, you have a built-in skating ring that can send your car into a skid.
How do you handle this situation? The best advice is:

• Slow down
• Assume all leave piles are soggy and wet
• Treat leaves with the respect you treat ice

If you take these actions, you’ll be fine.

How does it work? It’s obvious, but we’ll spell it out:

• As you approach an intersection (or pile of leaves) slow down
• Assume the leaves will be soggy, even if they look dry
• Assume that if you hit the brakes hard, your tires will lock on the top layers and the bottom layers will slide across one another like oiled bearings
• Assume that your vehicle should be slowing to a stop well before the pile of leaves at the corner forces your car into a skid
• Use your brakes lightly and assume that everything is not as it seems; light pressure and low speed will keep you safe
• Ask your town’s tree department to get any piles that interfere with your sightline cleaned up as quickly as possible and, if they don’t have the manpower, given all of the work they have to do right now, take it on yourself to get some neighbors and clear any piles of leaves or even patches. In this way, you can help to take responsibility for your own driving safety.

Making Education Global – Another Home Based Business Idea

Internet has made the world small. Someone who lives in America might not be far away from a person who lives in Malaysia or Australia. The globe has become a small village, with internet networking and conglomerating all distant places closely.

As we look back at times, we realize the world has really changed. But, it has changed for better for sure. The time that was taken to send across letters and couriers used to be as much as weeks. A birthday wish had to be sent 2 weeks in advance so that your wishes and blessings could reach the respective person approximately around the D date. And distant calls that happened between two countries used to extremely expensive, that distance was actually felt transpiring between nations and individuals. Today it’s like someone just washed away the distance, or all that distance was just a mirage.

Internet revolution changed the entire perspective of distance. Can you be placed in Durham and tutor someone in Delhi? Can you stay in Katmandu and attend a conference in Boston? Well it could have sounded weird and crazy a two decade ago, but not anymore. That’s how world is today. From pen and paper exam style, today exams are conducted online. Thus the use of internet has changed everything from education, communication teaching, business, etc. and many more.

Online jobs are preferred by many. Teaching is one of those professions that can be made a good online career option. If you are someone who has a passion for teaching can be a teacher online and make a decent living. Search the internet for ‘online tutor jobs’ and you will be surprised at the abundance of options you have.

Many housewives, retired teachers etc find their means to make a good income by being an online tutor. Online tutoring job is similar to practical or a real classroom teaching. Like a teacher who would teach in a classroom full of student, an online tutor takes classes on the internet. The students in this case may be scattered world wide. While one student may be in the north of the globe, the other could be in the east. You may have another classmate somewhere else in the world. You can take up teaching in any subject like Math, English, History, or music etc.

Those who wish to become a tutor online must have a formal degree from an affiliated college. Those with a work experience in the filed might have higher chances of being absorbed. You need to create a good resume and apply to the firm or institution running online teaching. A good CV and a working experience counts. Most tutors working online are paid on an hourly basis. Though you can bargain for higher pay scale if you have a good experience and are highly qualified in the subject. Working hours can vary depending up on the tutor or the student. Since these jobs are online, you are not bound to any single company. At a same time you can be working for two or more firms and multitask.

Internet has revolutionized every profession and made every job lucrative and simple to execute.

Bumper Sticker Maniac – It’s Fun to Get Weird, Part Two

When I told you I couldn’t stop writing bumper stickers, I wasn’t kidding. Here are a few more for you to ponder and appreciate. I hope you’ll even write a few of your own. They are so much fun and great for your brain. “Bumper-Stickering” is also an excellent party activity. Once again, enjoy:

* The sky isn’t falling. It’s just hangin’ real low.

* 74% of 1/3 of the nation use statistics 27% of the time.

* If I ever see a mushroom cloud, the diet’s over.

* Gone wishin’.

* Caution: vehicle loaded with snakes.

* I miss Bush.

* Help cool the Globe: stop pontificating.

* Get into binge thinking.

* I gave The Queen a bear hug.

* I sneak onto golf courses with a push mower.

* Sorry about running into you. Sue my cell phone.

* I only grow marijuana to make rope.

* Just remember: I ALWAYS have the right of way.

* I rescued a dog and it rescued me.

* Who needs a job when you’ve got 12 games to watch in HD?

* I meditate with my dogs.

* I try only to drive in reverse.

* Chivalry isn’t dead. It’s just dormant.

* Color me homeless.

* Defeat Global Warming: fight for your right to consume.

* They sure don’t make ’em like they used to: China does.

* Sit on a swizzle stick and spin, Elroy.

* No, I do not have the munchies. I always eat 14 donuts at a time.

* Anyone need a black eye?

* My Little Leaguer broke your windshield.

* Mediocrity is the study of meteors, right?

* I traded our 5 cars for 5 bitchen mountain bikes.

* Honk if you’re broke.

* Hope springs nocturnal.


* I find my best sleep comes at work.

* I bit off more than I can eschew.

* It’s a slippery slope of a world we live in. May I suggest cleats?

* The more crap you own, the better a person you are.

* You know, money isn’t everything. It’s not God. Or, is it? Maybe it is!

* Visualize Earth as it was in the good ol’ days: without humans.

* I mean, like, how many species do we really need anyway?

* I’ve had it up to here with the environment. Can we please change the subject?

* Leave only footprints. Just not on my forehead.

* I no longer eat meat, just mutton.

* I got a steal on this humongous SUV and free gas for week!

* Yeah, there’s a pill for that.

* Follow me down the Yellow Brick road to the Neocon Graveyard.

* I look like hell and can’t sing. Do I have a chance at stardom?

* I do not get high. I mainly get low.

* I drink beer solely for the cans.

* Don’t tell anybody, but I just flung my credit cards into The Grand Canyon.

* Good luck with that, Eunice.

* Now accepting monetary donations.

* Life’s a scam.

* Playing tennis with a golf ball: bad idea.

* If God wanted me to sleep, I would’ve been born asleep.

* Multitaskers make lousy lovers.

* Have you skidded to a stop lately?

* My bank account is on the Endangered Species List.

* Got any spare gold bullion?

* Snorklers have reef madness.

* I’ve got flatulence and I’m not afraid to use it.

* New reality show idea: “Binging With The Stars”

* To hell, with ‘punctuation”;