Global Warming is Caused by Both Man and Nature

It will take all of us to make a significant impact in the world against global warming. The earth is in trouble because of the pollution that we may have caused. It would seem that we are apathetic to the earth’s plea for help. Every natural disaster that is happening to the world, to us, is caused by us. We may have caused it directly or indirectly.

One of the more significant effects of the damage that we have caused this planet is global warming. We may have been feeling how it is a little warmer, how the seasons are all in disarray. It is cold when it should have been hot and it is hot when it should have been cold. Typhoons are also stronger than ever before, aside from the fact that it is more frequent. And haven’t you noticed how a little rain could cause floods? Don’t you find that weird? Well, these are all the effects of global warming and we should be alarmed by it.

That is why natural and environmental causes such as the earth day should be supported because aside from minimizing the use of electricity which is by the way one of the causes of global warming. It brings about social awareness to inform those who are oblivious to what is happening to the world and it re-educates those who are aware. Information is the key and it may be the cure if we do it together. Great things are going to happen. Just the recent earth day brought about great changes that will be felt by the people for generations to come. Can you just imagine the positive effects that this will bring to mankind? Earth will benefit if it continues yearly. Who knows maybe one day global warming will no longer be a problem.

Will Global Warming Increase the Chances of a Killer Flu Pandemic?

There have been many research papers that claim that Global Warming (caused by man’s CO2 emissions) will increase the risk and frequency of killer flu pandemics, but is this really true? Now, before I start this discussion you must know that it is my contention that the Earth, like all planets goes through a range of cycles, and that’s just the way things go, so I do not buy into the global warming doom and gloom scenarios.

Not long ago, I read another one of these papers suggesting that Global Warming will cause pandemics, this one written by a Chinese Researcher; Guang Wu titled; “What These Trends Suggest?”

In this paper the correlation is made, but I wonder what he would you say about the reason that the weird strain of Swine-Human-Bird Flu ended up in Mexico? It caused it’s havoc during the summer heat, so does he believe that the heat caused proteins to modify and thus, allowed the virus to mutate?

And if so, if this is his contention, would he also believe that people living in the Middle East under extreme heat would see more modification of flu strains? Thus, he should also believe that a place like Dubai is a future death trap, as it is close to water, humid and very hot, and could even be the next location of an outbreak or unseen strain?

Perhaps, we should study the issues associated with ambient temperatures and killer flu pandemics and see if this hypothesized correlation has more to it, not because of the doom and gloom of man-made warming but because there are many questions still unanswered, so please consider all this.

Global Warming, Climate Change, Now Global Weirding

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting tired of the Global Warming ‘argument’. It seems increasingly like the whole deal has been a scare tactic design to get money to research scientists, rather than a legitimate scientific conclusion. Seriously, my ‘meteorologist’ can’t even tell me if what tomorrow’s weather is going to be; and I’m supposed to believe these people when they tell me that climate change is both true and man-made? Did any of these brilliant minds predict the winter we’ve had here in the United States?

Now they tell us that, yes, of course, this ‘weird’ winter is a symptom of climate change. (Even though the fact is that there is nothing weird about this winter at all-it all falls within the standard variation.)

I guess the year without a summer, 1815 or thereabouts, was also a symptom of climate change, too. Or the fact that Greenland was once green.

Another interesting tidbit: if you live in Florida, you probably realize that you are living on huge coral reef. Much of the Yucatan peninsula is also coral reef, meaning that at one time huge swaths of now inhabitable land were once underwater. This can only be explained by the fact that the earth must have been much warmer at one time, which caused the seas to be much higher than they are now. Then global cooling occurred, and the waters receded.

And then there’s Atlantis…perhaps it was another warming period, with its rising seas, that caused this legendary civilization to disappear.

In point of fact, climatologists admit there was a ‘mini ice age’ that lasted from 16th to the 19th Centuries. Is it me, or isn’t normal to expect that after an ice age you would expect temperatures to warm up again. Perhaps ‘global warming’ is nothing but a move back to ‘normal’ temperatures-not that you can say such a thing exists.

What do you think the real explanation of global warming is? I would like to offer that implicit in the climate change argument is fear. No, not fear of an overheated planet, but fear of something else, much deeper.

Hidden in the climate change argument is that man is in control. Man broke it, so man can fix it.

But this actually masks the deep fear that man is NOT in control. Mankind fears what it cannot control, and man’s ego is such that he wishes to cede control to nothing, not even nature. Mankind cannot bear to admit that there is something beyond its control, it is far too painful, and thus even the weather MUST be his ‘fault’. Thus we have a climate change argument, climate change ‘science’ and global warming. But never, ever, ‘this is simply nature and there’s nothing we can do about it.”

If climate change is really man-made, then man is in control. The climate change argument, thus, serves mostly to assuage one of man’s deeper fears, that there are things beyond his control. But we are not.

Nature works in cycles. Climate change is natural. The climate will continue to change, getting warmer, getting colder, whether we like it or not. We are not so all-powerful that we can control the weather.

Let it go and enjoy it.