The Global Resorts Network Business Opportunity

Travel is a passion! I do not think that anyone will question that. That is why the timeshare industry is so big. They show you around a resort, trap you in a little room, and hit you with sales pitch after sales pitch. They try to convince you that by spending an extremely large amount of money now to buy the timeshare, you will save in the long run. I believe that the simplest way to look at timeshares is like this. If it is such a great product, why do they need to give you free vacations, shopping sprees, gas cards, and who knows what other incentives, just to get you in the door. There is a reason that they need to persuade you with all of the free items to get you there. Do you know anybody who has ever just said, “I’m going to go buy a timeshare”? I’m guessing not, and with good reason. They make it sound so great in the presentation. My personal experience, along with the experiences of several friends and family members, reinforces to me that they are no where near the deals that they make them out to be.

With travel being such a big industry, there must be another way. You could simply use a “travel deal” site. Sometimes you find something you want, sometimes you won’t. You can shop around the different sites. Sometimes you will find a deal, sometimes you wont. The Global Resorts Network Business is another solution. There are no restricted dates, destinations, or other weird travel limitations. More importantly, they do not bribe you into a tour, then a small room, and put the pressure on you.

The Global Resorts Business Model is network marketing. This gives them a huge advantage over the other travel options. Network Marketing allows them to have an ever growing number of representatives using a variety of marketing techniques to market their business. Here is how the business works. It starts by becoming a member of Global Resorts Network. When you sign up, you gain access to exclusive deals on luxury resorts all over the world (at a fraction of what it costs to join a timeshare). Once you have become a member, you sign up as an affiliate, which allows you to sell memberships to GRN. With the exception of your first sale, you will make a $1,000 commission for every Platinum membership that you sell (Platinum membership is a lifetime membership). You first sale is a sort of qualifying sale. You make $500 from it. The real money comes into play when the people that you register make a sale. There is a $1,000 carryover bonus that you receive when this happens.