The Global Virus – Divorce

Some say it’s the course of the global ignorance that a woman and a man, I mean husbands and wives now stay only a few time in matrimonial contract. More so, it has become a thing of imperative that this so called contract therefore followed the pattern of catastrophe. Well nothing under the sun is new, so says the greatest literature of the world – Bible. That though a man shall leave his mother and father and be joined to his wife, and then they shall become one flesh, and perhaps as the days rolls by shall definitely become one blood and spiritually cleave together. They shall have offspring of same kinds who will bear the name of a new generation and lineage of the couple. With time shame had laterally graced the wedding of the couple, and without just reason they splitted and went each ways, leaving their children to suffer the punishment of their infidelity.

The disease started from somewhere around the polar region of the world, and as the world revolutionalized and came into a new era of globalization, many other cultures and nations welcomed the ideal conceptions of these nations, same as religion was infused into diplomatic and non-diplomatic societies. And today we have numerous societies that have lost their cultural values owning to the unscrupulous embrace of an unknown culture.

Today a new generation of men had emerge and a reawakening into a new order of living has come. But on a whole a reconsideration of the matrimonial set up should be focused on the areas where things had turn anew. Taking us back in the journey of history, time for a reflection tells more on the presumption of human emotional existence. As far back as in the BCs or newly half of ACs men and women knew what marriage stood for, but those eras are far gone for the sake of ignorance and stupidity in matrimonial affairs and trust. To say the least, marriage was though a union through which a man bid a solidable contract with a woman for the sake of breeding and the demonstration of far fetched loved as expressed in sexuality.

In conjunction however, it is the lack of fidelity that warrant breakage and thus divorce as the case may be. Though it has being the ethics of the society to fight in preserving the heritage of wedlock, but the times are gone; the times we are is purely serious era of shame and kali, a time of War and social warfare. This is not the time for spirituality in sexuality and family making, but a time of pleasure; a time set aside for the display of stupidity in union between opposite sex; a avenue created to shame the era of mankind’s growth in the affairs of social benefits and contracts, at least those sufficient to bring sons and daughter, who in turn will act lawfully to the social ethics as constituted by the same social gift.

There is an unknown culture embraced by societies of the world today, and its embrace is synonymous with global unification and solidarity but its affluence has become a thing of mockery and regret by those societies who have blossom in its embrace. The term is such awful as its benefit suit its benefactors. To laugh in sexuality is one thing which human personality cannot accept no matter how spiritually matured they have become. I know for sure that this era is a gifted era, where man has had intuition into the sophisticated realm of machine; I also know that man is a tiny piece of this galvanized machine in the world of matter, but matter itself is the flux through which man’s innate machine propensity is brought into realization. It is at this point that man’s spiritual unfoldment knows the goodness instilled in the gravity behind their existence, one of this goodness is that embodied in the consciousness of the human spirit. There is a closely related connection between moral ethics and spiritual manifold, an embrace of the two is thus a sine-quo-none to the realization of the strength of men and their society. To divert a little step from the husbandry of this path is to fall into the Hades of shame, at which point can lead to numerous shameful activities.

For years wars reigned amongst men causing a divergence in the glorious path they have once followed; a path that knows no pain, no shame, no death and no gaping of the time left for disaster. Every path mankind followed was peaceful, at least nearer to the wishes and aspiration of his highest form of spiritual yearnings and realizations. A time came that a flux erupted and grieve and catastrophe arose, those who were once happy dwell in anger and hatred from the center point of nothingness.

They killed themselves for greed’s sake, and unto these phenomenons, those who were innocent died especially children – those who were meant to handle the future. To those children who were left, an image of instability and hatred was borne. Love was erased from their conscience and anger and ingratitude was established, they became a new world’s leader of shame, which was thus imagined and fashioned as the order of the new world. Nothing can be done because the idea has already being instilled right from their innate precognition and preconception. It was an idea passed from the womb by their mothers through sexuality union, to explain this phenomenon is to tempt the psycho-DNA of man’s social genesis. But that is not the area to which this article is intended.

Well few historical phenomenon could be idealized as to when man’s shame came about, but even while historians believed that it all started from the garden of Eden when man and woman once lived a peaceful life, and how they were driven to the debris of catastrophe to tile the ground and suffer the guilt of their cause. I completely refute to this ideology, man’s shame did not truly come as his union with God was altered. I believe without self contradiction that man’s spiritual downfall came when he had the perspiration of anger and felony perceiving those around his world as aliens. Sartre’s argument on Man’s freedom can summarize this; I have no use in refuting his analytical queries, his argument as far as man’s freedom as it concerns his perception to the ideal world of solidarity answers why man act the way he does as I expatiated in this paragraph.

This conception though a weird one, but I know for certain that even if he was gratified by the conception of perceiving, he still would have had the tendency to hate, since hatred had grew with him right from creation. In fact man’s hatred was a transfer aggression of his disunion with God, meaning his friendship with God being altered, hence he fashion his own world now that he sees his world as a proliferation and a time where he alone could realize his essence. His ability to perceive at all is to create two ideal worlds. The world of matter and the world of form, these are the two world he can so grapes, any world farther than this is thus an improbable world. He calls the world the ethereal world – a world where he can realize the individuality of the greatest form of his person. This is beyond the world of forms – that which our soul cannot conceive, nor can our eyes see. It is the world of God – the greatest form of our spiritual person. Man can conceive this, but he cannot sense his omnipotence, nor can he fashion His Opulence. God is beyond him in every ways, though in the image and likeness of God, yet man has no opulence in him, neither does he recognize the omnipotence as express in the religious identity of God.

To this day man and his society have known chaos and troubles out of the urgent catastrophe of his ignorance and stupidity. Some men shared in this stupidity, while others are either killed or maimed for their refusal to test in errors, the sins of social chaos. Some brought the sweetness in their moral lust and propagated it to their fellow being, and in due time agony swept into their exoteric solidarity as a people, and those who were once sure of their destiny knew nothing that the tomorrow brings to them. The Joy and mechanical solidarity they shared was replaced by suspicion; honesty was replaced by greed and pride.

And one more time pains came as reprimand to man’s ingenuity. As long as nations bid to the consciousness of their social scheme of life, so will they suffer from the consequence of their ignorance. Ignorance is not far fetched so they say. But for man have abandoned his spiritual morals and turn to the era of material pleasure, had indeed amounted to the rate to which he experiences all kinds of shames. Among those unethical practices he has fashioned for himself, divorce stands to take the lead. This is the sublime line of every societal regulation in the act of pains and gains and unity among themselves; at least this is quite related to the metamorphosis of his mechanical stupidity.

Even while they turn all focus to achievement and rewards, the ethics in which their social foundation was laid collapsed, and then what followed was all kinds of practices to which contravene their cosmic unity. To say the least, divorce being a matter of conscience has long being hocked in Hades. Only the pains of lost love is remaining, the debris of unmerited security and the want of attention; these they have lacked, and this is what contributes to the amount of shame and follies which has befallen man’s society today. Whether we like it or not, Love takes every bid to which the society and its people has erred, at which point it reconciles with our infinity happiness and union with the Godhead. This is peace of mind, and only in his mercies can we attained this spiritual and social consciousness.

To this end, all of us are aware of our truest form of selves, it is our stupidity and lack of proper spiritual cum social orientations that bridges this truth. To succeed in life, we must push on our spiritual consciousness into the deepest world of God- realization. And anything that comes along our path to prosperity, at which point should be, discarded even those entities that are valuable to you. Among everything that has being said, there is limited truth in the argument that stands firm, those early of man’s matrimonial unity.
If Men truly really cannot brainstorm and solve our common problems, I m afraid this act of war thing, or the issues of global delusion will not stop; it will continue to ring on and on. That is the way it will turn, but our effort to come together through an act of peace, and world safety to solve the only problems, which is sort of bio-social, this will go a long will, and it will certainly help. I also have a great hope that Men will come to term with themselves and with the world they have so hated. In the real guise, men just seems to hate the world, because it is full of all manners of advantages and disadvantages’ the demerits I will say is more than the merits; some folks just seems to be getting richer each days, and more powerful and sophisticated, while the others starve and are being humiliated as the gaping teeth of nature draws its elbows nigh. I say men hate the world from a high majority sense of view, insofar that Humanity has always suffered the consequences of nature, only God knows why.

I m not through with the topic yet, I m only doing the paraphrasing, the real coin will be tossed very soon. Mankind will surely liberate itself so soon than we can ever imagine. Humanity is the best of God, Whether the theme Divorce or no Divorce, Humanity is the best of God’s creation. In fact, it is the living souls that Man has declared moving. Mankind must be free, and we surely will have bunch of philosophers and prophet soon, will tell us more about life. And my goal therefore is to abreast humanity when the time for reason in solving our problems has come. And I can sense that the hour of liberation and Global Revolution has come!