We Don’t Need Global Warming Theory To Get Humans To Stop Polluting

Indeed, over the years, I’ve talked to many researchers who derive a good chunk of change from the flow of money for Global Warming research who secretly tell me, they don’t buy it, but it pays the bills. They reason that even if it isn’t actually factual (the theory that is) it really makes no difference because it will get manufactures, transportation, the fossil fuel sector to stop polluting, maybe cut down fewer trees, so in the end the white lie has nothing but positive benefits. Still, I believe that living a lie is silly, and if we are truly worried about pollution, let’s decrease it, not pretend and let’s be careful what we call pollution also. CO2 is a trace gas on Earth and only 3% actually comes from human emissions.

One thinker put it this way to me; “If we really want to stop pollution and if we really care about more efficiency and if we do it for the right reasons, we don’t need a Global Warming Scare to get there. For instance, we have misaligned equipment everywhere. Alignment reduces friction, heat, wear and tear which = more power. So many little things people can do, akin to putting proper inflation in tires, albeit a little more technical.”

Point well taken, and indeed, I have been impressed with the infrared devices which show misalignment of shafts, wheels, generators by seeing the heat and friction, everything from Wind Turbines to Hydro-generators to tractor alternators to small pumps on pressure washers. That one fix would save huge amounts of energy – with exponential or even logarithmic component.

If find it weird when someone with a 1970 Volvo Wagon with a Sierra Club sticker on the back tells me how to live my life and lower my carbon footprint, when their rings are bad and the back is all oily and greasy. What hypocrisy, maybe all the Alarmists might consider their own lives, and live the talk, not propose inefficient systems with no ROI, and then call that a solution even when it isn’t even carbon neutral.

For instance the steel towers for wind turbines often take 15-years to carbon offset, due to the coking coal burned (much more sooty) to make the steel, plus the emissions of the ship, train, truck and crane to deliver and install. In 15 years the motors will be shot and ready to replace, plus the energy costs more, and we have to build power lines to get to the wind fields. I am just tired of this whole charade. We should do what works for the right reasons – that is if we truly want to clean the air.

Yes, I have endless examples of such hypocrisy, I say to all the Global Warming Scare Tactics; Shut Up! Learn Physics, read “Physics for Future Presidents” by Muller to more readily see my point.